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Should you participate in Giving Days?

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Sitting in my chair, I hear a lot of opinions about Giving Days.

Some people are all in—some people are simply NOT.

First—What are nonprofit giving days?

Basically, there are two types.

  • Make your own: This is when a charity, along with its supporters, friends, board members, and staff, focuses on a day to reach out for others to donate. A good example of this might be a reading charity pushing out a big campaign on National Read a Book Day (September 6th).

  • Organization-led: An organization is in the center of the push and includes many charities—e.g., Community Foundations and Giving Tuesday.

So for your review, let me share both sides.



  • Many take place during the calendar's 4th quarter. What a great way to open the door to year-end giving!!!


  • Giving days provide a reason for organizations to showcase their missions and impact stories. The widespread media coverage and social media buzz surrounding this day serve as a megaphone, amplifying your reach.

Culture of Philanthropy (All the cool kids are doing it):

  • Giving days help foster a culture of philanthropy. It encourages individuals and corporations to prioritize giving, emphasizing the idea that everyone can make a difference, regardless of the size of their contribution.


  • How many people donated, how many were new, how many people increased their donation?


Too many people are asking for money on one day:

  • YUP, there are a lot of people asking on that day. Why would you want to NOT be one of them?

There’s too much work with not enough return:

  • Maybe. There is a lot of work, and you may not get a huge return on that day. BUT…Hold tight.

OK, OK—enough talking about what others think—Let me tell you what I know to be true.

Giving Days are awesome for nonprofits — but you need to

Be prepared:

  • Giving Days should be a PART of your year-end strategy — NOT a stand-alone fundraising plan.

Be realistic:

  • Giving Days are often about small donors and/or new donors. The push for LARGE donors comes in December.

Use it as a door opener for year-end Giving:

  • See point #1

Be patient:

  • You are constantly building.

Be relentless:

  • Don’t just post once. Take a journey and tell a story of your mission that starts BEFORE giving Tuesday and will continue through the end of the year.

Use all your outlets:

  • Social media, emails, handwritten notes and phone calls (just like the old days!). You may start talking about Giving Tuesday and end up talking about a major year-end gift!

Do you need help to make your 2023/2024 Giving Days part of you year-end plan?

Do you want to wake up on November 29th (thank you Wednesday) with a very large smile on your face knowing you are on your way to STRONG year-end giving?

Reach out to Team Kat & Mouse, consultants to non-profits.

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