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Top Fundraising Consultant Of The Best Nonprofit Consulting Firms

Professional Fundraising Consultant For Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit Consultants for today's ever-changing fundraising landscape
Training, Tactics & Tools

Team Kat & Mouse is a fundraising consulting firm for nonprofits


We were created to help organizations where they need it most: with Training, Tactics and Tools and ongoing support to help them achieve their full fundraising potential.


Our fundraising consultants experienced the crises of 2008 and 2020 and learned firsthand the need to develop durable fundraising strategies and allow for unforeseen circumstances. 


The complementary skills of our professional fundraising consultants do just that. Our passion, skills, and creativity allow us to tailor a unique approach for every nonprofit that will lead to sustainable long-term growth. 

What we believe:


Tangible fundraising results are created by hiring great people, training them how to do their job, and coaching them continually. We are nonprofit fundraising consultants committed to all three.


Our nonprofit training courses focus on results:

We focus on turning your nonprofit fundraising team into experts in all methods of raising funds while teaching them the mindset and skills needed to pivot and succeed in today’s ever-changing conditions.


Our nonprofit fundraising training can be in-person or via virtual training on subjects that include, but are not limited to; hiring the best people for your organization to create a high functioning team, on-boarding that works and creates an eager and ready to hit the street staff of fundraisers, storytelling to wrap potential donors in your mission, presentation skills, the art and science of new donor development, the individual fundraising cycle, fundraising events, legacy gifts, sponsorships, peer-to-peer fundraising, grant writing, corporate fundraising and engagement, social media-best practices and more!


To support your fundraising goals we also offer:

  • Board development training for nonprofits to ensure all are working together to raise funds to support your mission

  • Nonprofit leadership training

  • Sales training for Nonprofits

  • Fundraising training courses for your volunteers

  • Proprietary individualized measurement tools and road maps for each fundraising team member based on their individual “closing ratios"

  • Team Kat & Mouse can help you review your CRM data to reveal trends and fundraising opportunities.


As professional fundraising consultants, we offer an extra set of hands that can help you with:

  • Grant research and writing 

  • Sponsorship offerings for your fundraising events

  • Presentations to share your mission with potential funders, sponsors, and corporate partners

  • Peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns

  • Donor communications

  • Online and direct mail fundraising campaigns

  • Public relations

  • Social media

  • Graphics


Why we are different:


Our professional fundraising team has all held multiple leadership roles within the nonprofit sector

We don’t just offer professional fundraising training; our office hours provide ongoing coaching and idea generation and a roadmap to fundraising success.

We customize EVERY engagement to meet an organization’s training and coaching while respecting your budget limitations.


  • Why Should We Hire Team Kat and Mouse as Your Nonprofit Fundraising Consultant?

Team Kat & Mouse focuses on your training needs and your budget. We will train your staff to be experts in fundraising including: Individual, Corporate, Event, Grants, and more.

  • What Services Does Your Fundraising Consulting Firm Provide?

We will focus on your needs and train your staff to work as a team to deliver fundraising success.

  • How Can Nonprofit Fundraising Experts Help Develop Effective Strategies?

By understanding your areas of potential growth and then developing training and outreach for your particular needs

  • How Can a Consultant for Nonprofit Organizations Build Sustainable Fundraising Programs?

By developing your team so they can integrate new skills and grow your fundraising success.

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