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Grant Research & Writing

Grant Research & Writing


There’s one phrase that brings most nonprofits together: “I need help with my grant program!” Whether they have a pile of grants on their desk to submit or are looking to pursue grants for the first time, most organizations need help.


That’s where Team Kat & Mouse comes in!


Our team of experienced fundraisers can help you write, research, and prospect grants. Most importantly, we build our approach around developing sustainable, successful long-term grant strategies. One-off grant applications can bring short-term infusions of cash into your organization, but a long-term strategy will develop new revenue streams and robust community partnerships for your organization. 


What We Do:


Grant Writing

Grant writing is equal parts art and science. A winning proposal has to tell a story while moving a reader emotionally. We get to know you and your organization, understanding your stories and the data to prove you’re moving the needle.

Grant Research

Grant databases are overwhelming. We use our years of experience in the field to effectively identify and target the funders that are most likely to connect with your mission and vision.

Grant Strategy

A healthy nonprofit plans for the long term. We help you develop a plan to connect with funders and develop relationships that will have a lasting impact.


  • Why is Grant Research and Writing Important?

    • A well-written, well-research grant proposal can generate transformational financial support for your organization

  • What is the Grant Research and Writing Process?

    • A grant writer works with your staff to understand your unique needs, funding history, and goals. They then customize their findings and develop a proposal that will resonate with a targeted funder.

  • How Do You Avoid Mistakes During Grant Research?

    • Patience, patience, and more patience! Carefully analyze data and ensure all facts and statistics are correct.

  • How Do I Write a Compelling Grant Proposal?

    • Tell your story in a way that effectively conveys data and impacts metrics

  • What are the Best Tips for Successful Grant Research and Writing?

    • Stay persistent. Grant applications get declined from time to time, but sticking with the process will lead to success over the long haul.


Ready to take your institutional fundraising to the next level?

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