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Professional Fundraising Services For Nonprofit Organizations

Professional Fundraising Training

Consulting for nonprofit organizations

Partners in Success

We are consultants for nonprofit organizations...we focus on training tactics and tools for fundraising results


With over 50 years of combined experience, Team Kat & Mouse has seen and participated in all types of training sessions. Some were helpful, but more often than not, Board and staff enthusiasm for the new knowledge diminished very quickly.


While training our teams, we discovered that maximum growth was seen after customized training had been designed specifically for our needs. Off-the-shelf training didn’t work.  We also learned that ongoing one-on-one meetings and coaching sessions kept the teams excited and eager to move forward. 


Using this approach, we proudly led unified, enthusiastic, and successful teams of fundraisers that were recognized for their success by the organizations and the communities they served.

One-time, pre-packaged training does not create long-term change. 
For that reason and more, we will customize your fundraising training courses specifically for your organization’s needs, goals, and preferences and complement it with on-going office hours.  This dedicated and personal time will ensure continual learning, so opportunities to grow engagement and donations through new ideas and channels explode. 


We understand the demands of leadership make an "open door policy" for sales coaching difficult - that’s where we can step in - to support you and your front-line fundraisers effectively.

Using our two-fold approach, our professional fundraising services promise to help you grow your current funding sources for nonprofit organizations and develop new sources you’ve yet to consider.

How our profesional nonprofit fundraising program works


Together, we will focus on discovering the training strategy and curriculum best suited to grow your team.  


In partnership with your organization's leadership staff and Board, we will make a plan to achieve both short-term and long-term growth. Your input is crucial and will make the difference in delivering the results you need.


Team Kat & Mouse has designed curriculum modules that include all facets of professional fundraising. From Fundraising 101 to how to weave a mission-driven “story” to sales training for fundraisers, how to build, offer and develop a powerful presentation, and more. We will focus training on the tactics needed for your fundraising success.


Our fundraising consulting services for nonprofit organizations are customizable and scalable based on your needs, budget, and timing. For instance, training your team on how to “sell” sponsorships 6- months before your next 5K. 

Ongoing Coaching, Support and Communication

This makes us a consistent and trusted part of your team. Your employees will feel excited to try new things like our on-going office hours to “practice” and feel comfortable.

Team Kat  & Mouse will be supportive and approachable with a singular goal to grow funding for your organization with professional fundraising services.


We will guide your team on how to identify new sources of funding, how to use best practices to engage prospects, and how to discover new ways to expand existing donor engagement and funding with fresh ideas.

To keep you aware of all new ideas and coaching points, We will always summarize our office hours in a short outline for leadership.


With our consulting services for nonprofit organizations, your Team will be polished, professional, and successful, discovering new funding sources that have never been approached or considered before.   


We will never lose sight of your mission and the funding needed to grow your impact.


  • Why Should Nonprofit Organizations Consider Hiring Professional Fundraising Consultants?

So much sits on the shoulders of today’s nonprofit leadership that there often is no time to train your team. Team Kat & Mouse can support your goals by training your team to be successful fundraisers.


  • Can Professional Fundraising Consultants Help Nonprofit Organizations with Grant Writing And Applications? 

Yes! Our grants team can help research, draft proposals, build internal tools, and develop outreach strategies to sustain and grow your grant program.


  • What are Some Success Stories of Nonprofit Organizations That Utilized?

Professional Fundraising Services? You can learn more about our successes on our ABOUT US page.

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