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Nonprofit Marketing Consultant For Communications

Marketing Consultant for Nonprofits


Consistent marketing is as critical for growing and maintaining a nonprofit as it is for businesses. Marketing is one of the main ingredients in donation retention, increasing donations, and spreading your message.


Your nonprofit needs strong relationships with donors, volunteers, the media, partners, and marketing communication provides it.


Today’s marketing options are vast and can be overwhelming, not to mention very costly. 

The collective of nonprofit consultants at Team Kat & Mouse can support your marketing goals with cost-efficient strategies.

Marketing Strategy for Nonprofits


Marketing takes many forms, but the first step is always to get to know your donor. Team Kat & Mouse’s nonprofit consultants can help you with donor personas. This hypothetical representation of your ideal donors is based on real information about your current and potential donor base. They require you to reach out and get to know your supporters to improve your communication and engagement tactics.


  • What is their age or gender?

  • What is their income level?

  • What social media platforms do they use?

  • What's the best way to contact them?

  • What issues are most likely to stir their interest?

  • Do you want them to donate, volunteer, join your organization, or spread the word?



Tell your story visually. In the age of social media, visual storytelling is much more impactful to donors and potential donors.

Creation of your Organization’s “Look and Feel”

Tell your story visually. In the age of social media, visual storytelling is much more impactful to donors and potential donors. 

Any time you interact with the public, your nonprofit needs marketing materials (online or printed) that communicate a clear message and look professional. These materials should be branded for your organization and include information that showcases your organization’s core messaging, accomplishments, services, and values, along with information about how to get involved or where to donate.

Your Website is a vital part of your nonprofit's internet marketing presence, so creating a website that is easy to use and visually appealing is paramount importance. And updating it regularly is a key component of that. Team Kat & Mouse Nonprofit Consultants can help you design, build or update your website so that it serves as a front door to your mission.

Custom Digital Assets

Not only are digital assets critical for your organization to build successful brand and marketing campaigns but, digital assets such as images, videos, documents, metadata such as categories, keywords, and classifications increase the likelihood that the asset will be found in the vast virtual world.

  • Digital assets also help share your mission and invite prospects to learn more about your mission

  • Videos help share your mission in an emotional and impactful way

  • QR Codes that take your donors directly to the information they are looking are a perfect paperless, no-touch solution for today’s world

  • Bringing your look and feel to platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Team Kat & Mouse nonprofit consultants can help you with this and more!


Donor Stewardship and Prospect Outreach

Thanking your existing donors and reaching out to new prospects is the lifeblood of funding your organization. Often, the first step of asking for renewal is quickly, warmly acknowledging a new gift.

Team Kat and Mouse, nonprofit consultants will help you create the messaging and visuals needed to:

· Say Thank you

· Share success Stories

· Invite supporters to events 

· Educate prospects on your mission

· Ensure strong renewal rates for annual gifts

Team Kat & Mouse nonprofit consultants can help you with this and more!


Social Media for Nonprofits

A social media marketing strategy is a cost-effective way to reach new donors and gain popular exposure. Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram can provide an avenue for reaching a large number of people interested in your organization.

Rather than trying to be active on every social media platform out there, Team Kat and Mouse, nonprofit consultants, can help you identify the two or three platforms where your target market is most likely to be found. Then, we will focus your energy and marketing efforts there.

Public Relations can help you showcase your efforts and results. Success stories motivate current members to stay involved, attract new members, and create an exciting angle for media coverage.

Team Kat & Mouse and our collective can help you design strategy, tactics, and a visual presence for your social media, success stories, and press releases to share with the press.

All led by Team Kat & Mouse principles and our Creative Director, Francis Parente. Fran can help guide you through all facets of your marketing as well as turn your mission into a visual story, a social outreach, and a Public Relations campaign.




  • How Do You Develop a Successful Marketing Plan for Nonprofits?

Start with segmented messaging-about your mission and the need to raise funds to help.

  • What Services Do Marketing Consultants Offer to Nonprofits?

Messaging, Message testing, Communications, outreach and more.

  • How Can Nonprofits Improve Their Brand's Visibility?

Social Media is a great way to start!

  • Why Can Nonprofits Not Afford to Neglect Marketing?

You will not receive support if no one know about your Organization and it’s mission.

  • How Can a Marketing Consultant Help Nonprofits Achieve its Goals?

By helping you put together and implement an outreach plan

Marketing is about the stories you tell.”
- Seth Godin.

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