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Sales Training For Fundraisers For Nonprofits on Facebook

Sales Training for Non Profits


Sales isn’t just for companies—it’s for all nonprofits that want to influence thinking and giving within their community. ​​


Anyone who educates, influences, or inspires is in sales. As an executive or board member for a nonprofit organization, you are selling every day. You have to sell your organizational vision to stakeholders, sell your needs to volunteers, and sell your mission to donors and potential sponsors.


Professional salespeople and fundraisers...why are they similar?

  • Both are always looking for new opportunities to share their story...They focus on targeting the correct prospects, filling their funnels and creating the correct offering, and of course, closing.

  • Both tend to be high-energy, goal-motivated individuals who know how to work hard.

  • Both need to build rapport and find areas of alignment.

  • Both need to create trust by cultivating relationships, to learn whether you and your prospect are "right" for one another.

  • Negotiate ways to work together in the interests of both parties.

  • Respond graciously, whether you win or lose.

  • Stay in touch, pretty much forever. Stewardship anyone??


The reality of sales training for fundraisers at nonprofits


There are many valuable sales skills nonprofits would be wise to adopt, significantly if you're raising major gifts and corporate sponsorship.


How Team Kat & Mouse will improve your fundraisers' results through nonprofit sales training


We will teach and then follow up with coaching, idea generation and help through our “office hours” feature-

  • How to tell a story designed that brings your prospect into the mission

  • Filling your funnel- always be prospecting

    • Learn the many resources to find new prospects 

    • How to find their contact information

    • How to research potential prospects

    • Know how to make that initial outreach

      • How to write an impactful intro email that gets you a meeting

      • How to leave a voicemail that gets returned

  • The questions to ask to discover what is important to the donor or corporation you are speaking with. Ask the key question: “How do we best engage?”

  • How to discover a roadmap to success-  

    • Daily Habits

    • Measuring activity 

    • How to track and measure- using a pipeline to track progress

    • How to understand and use your closing ratios to reach your goals

  • How to handle rejection and turn it into success- getting off the rollercoaster

  • How to learn and work with your teammates

  • Work like you are already at budget

  • And more, based on your team’s needs



  • What is Sales Training for Non-Profits?

It all starts with how to prospect. Then how your prospect moves through the funnel and becomes a new donor!

  • What Should a Sales Training Course Involve?

Teaching the process. If you follow your personalized formula you will be successful.


  • What Advantages Does Sales Training Offer?

Often knowing you sales numbers will take the guesswork and stress out of the process. 

  • What is the Importance of Sales Training in an Organization? 

Once you have your personal roadmap to success you will be a better and happier Fundraiser


  • How Do I Develop a Sales Training Program for My Organization? 

Call Team Kat and Mouse!


And, when it comes to hiring fundraisers for your team, we can help you find talented people with the skills who can move into your fundraising positions.

“An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.”

– Jack Welch

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