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Community Giving Day

Giving Day Support Designed to maximize your fundraising success


Stand out and raise more funds on Community Giving Days

Or, create your own!


Team Kat & Mouse can help you maximize exposure and funds raised on special community Giving Days through Training, Tactics and Tool!


  • Work with your team to strategize how to best engage

    • What is the best goal for this event?

    • Review and plan how to maximize giving of previous years donors

  • Share that strategy with your team, stakeholders, and board

  • Create a marketing plan for that day including, but not limited to

    • Email blasts

      • Content

      • Template

      • Schedule

      • We can even deploy for you!

    • Social Media for all platforms

      • Graphics

      • Messaging 

      • Schedule

      • And, we can post for you!


  • Social Media Toolkit: this roadmap for success will include all background and messaging for the day in one easy document. This will help your teams, members, and stakeholders cut and paste messaging that has been vetted by your organization.


Plus, we’ll include Social media messaging for all platforms for each day before the event, as well as all links and information needed.


  • Create a drive where we will include all the above so your members, staff, and stakeholders can share.


  • Help monitor and build on the success during the giving day and create a stewardship program to keep your new donors involved with your mission

TKM will send you a full recap after as well as work with your team to set up a stewardship strategy to retain and grow these new donors.



  • What is the Aim of a Community Giving Day?

A Giving day is a day where an entire community comes together to support the nonprofits in their area. 

  • How Do I Prepare My Organization for a Giving Day? 

Be ready with your plan well in advance so you can activate outreach weeks and days prior. This will help you to maxiimize fundraising that day.

  • How Do You Start a Successful Giving Campaign?

With an outreach plan!


  • How Can I Motivate Donors to Participate in a Giving Day?

By marketing-Email, Social Media, Calls-Plus, have your Staff, Board and Volunteers participate!


  • Why Should Your Nonprofit Participate in Community Giving Day?

It is a great opportunity to share your mission and raise some funds!


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