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Consultant for Fundraisers & Small Nonprofits

Nonprofit Consultants 

From charities whose founders are in the building to huge Non-Profits that are run like corporations, we have seen it all. We understand management has so many tasks on their plates that sometimes nonprofit leadership training gets put on the back burner. This is why we started Team Kat & Mouse

Nonprofit Leadership and Fundraising Training for Challenging Times

Our consultants for fundraisers will train your staff, coach your team through new skills and techniques on an on-going basis, and even help identity and onboard new employees. 

Our goal is to be your partner, to save you time to plan, strategize and grow!


The Kat

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Hello, I'm Sharon (“Kat”) Kitroser. I’ve spent over 25 years in media sales and management. You learn a great deal by selling air (radio commercials)…not to mention teaching others to do the same. My teams were budget busters and won many sales awards. It may have been a midlife crisis (wanting to repair the world) that took me into non-profit management. There, I learned to take my skills to a new level. I transferred my magic and all my experience with ABC, Disney, and CBS into a focused mission to bring nonprofit leadership training, collaboration, partnerships, and sponsorship skills to non-profits like the American Red Cross and Gift of Life Marrow Registry. 

I bring energy, enthusiasm, budget attainment focus,  corporate expertise, and business acumen to Team Kat & Mouse. 


The Mouse

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Hi, I’m Amy (“Mouse”) Mauser. I’ve spent almost two decades building and leading fundraising teams within non-profits after my (brief but very educational) career in law. My experience has included work on behalf of faith-based, arts, healthcare (disease), higher education, and community impact missions.


Whether using my legal experience to explore the technical benefits of a planned giving vehicle or my interpersonal skills to explain the financial impact of a one-time major gift, I love connecting with individual philanthropists to share their joy in making a difference. I am a critical thinker who brings a unique perspective to every place I go. I can be counted on to quickly understand a fundraising program's overall view or spend time reviewing data. With an expertise in building programs from the ground up, I will always ask the right question to get everyone involved in discovering the best solution.

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Hi, I’m Ben Chambers. I’ve spent the last decade working across a wide range of nonprofit and public advocacy organizations: from the academic field to politics and frontline fundraising, I’ve been involved in some incredible causes. Most recently, I worked in nonprofit leadership training at a growing nonprofit called CHADS Coalition for Mental Health, where we worked to save young people from the darkness of mental illness. I am a Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE) with experience working as a consultant for small nonprofits and large organizations.

My passion is figuring out the future of fundraising. We’re undergoing social change at a pace that few of us can comprehend, and the nonprofit sector is no exception. Millennial donors will want a giving experience that is far different than what we’ve mastered over the years, and now is the time to establish new strategies.


Greetings! I’m Linda Puoplo. My career has always sharply focused on building thriving communities which only happens through effective and genuine community engagement, dynamic community partnerships, shared visioning and strategic planning that delivers real results. I’m thrilled to contribute my skills and experience to Team Kat & Mouse as they assist nonprofits accomplish their mission.



Hello! I'm Fran, Parente and I pride myself on being that rare creative professional that understands the big picture. I focus on combining strong strategic and tactical acumen. I have worked on numerous non-profits and always understand the objectives. Still, more importantly, I create relevant, attention-getting creative that raises the non-profit's profile resulting in improved fundraising. 


I also have a great gift for words that turns headlines and body copy into great storytelling.


Fran can find the truth at the core of every non-profit and bring it to the forefront.

Here's what they are saying about Team Kat & Mouse - Consultants for Fundraisers

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The moment we paired Amy and Sharon together as leaders, we saw the power of combining their unique mix of talents - classic fundraising smarts and relentless sales management skills - on both the bottom line and long-term donor retention rates. They are as powerful a pair of results-driven change agents as I have worked with.

Rob Levine - long-time non-profit CEO .

Steve Liebe, Board of Directors

After the webinars with Kat & Mouse, our nonprofit leadership training team was energized and organized. We are a new non-profit with a meaningful mission, and coaching with Team Kat & Mouse has been invaluable.

You showed us how to structure our organization and magnify our efforts with corporate and local government support.

Thank you for your gift of mentorship to our team. We are very grateful to have Team Kat & Mouse in our lives and organization.


Steve Lieber, Board of Directors

The Give Back Community


Amy and Sharon were fabulous mentors to me. They complement each other well, bringing a wealth of knowledge in non-profit strategy and coaching. Any team would benefit from their expertise, their passion, and their unwavering commitment to helping others be successful."


Laura Barker

Director of Philanthropy, HomeSafe Florida


Amy hired me to join her team in 2011. We only worked together for a short time, but what blossomed for me instead was a steadfast personal and professional mentor to guide me through career changes, multiple international moves, the transition to becoming a working mother, and two graduate degree programs. I counted on her for advice, reference letters, and a listening ear and she has always, always been there for me. When she hired me she probably didn’t know she really signed up for this relationship where she has given me so much and I have been able to offer little in return. I am so appreciative of her wisdom and wit and expertise.”


Dannie Matevia,

Director of Education, Armory Art Center, West Palm Beach, FL


I first met Sharon when I was very new to fundraising. She served as a teacher, mentor, and friend. She helped me to learn the skills I needed to further my career. Her expertise in corporate fundraising and partnerships is truly amazing. I valued our conversations on relationship building and feel very fortunate to have started my journey with Sharon in my corner.

Russell Lowe
Director, Corporate Resposibility
United Way of New York City