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The Resiliency Rollercoaster

Updated: Apr 19

Resiliency Rollercoaster


There will be a recession, or there will not be a recession.

You will keep your job, or you will not.

MacKenzie Scott (or someone of great fame) will give you a large donation… But probably not.

The only thing constant is change, and if you have not noticed that in the last couple of years…you have missed a few things.

Benjamin Franklin once said

“When you are finished changing, you are finished.”

See, some things don’t change!

Why does change scare you?

According to INC. Magazine:

Neuroscience research teaches us that uncertainty registers in our brain much like an error does. It needs to be corrected before we can feel comfortable.

We also fear change because we fear that we might lose what's associated with that change. Our aversion to loss can even cause logic to fly out the window. This is why research shows that gamblers at a horse track who are having a losing day are most likely to bet the long shots, at terrible odds, on the last race of the day. They're faced with the realization of loss and are willing to bet on a horse with 20:1 odds, a bet they'd never walk in thinking they'd make--all because of our violent aversion to loss.

This type of fear is so prevalent it has a name- Metathesiophobia. Wow, trying to say that name makes me scared.

Lessons I have learned about scary times:

You can be successful even in the worst of times.

As a newlywed (way back in the early 1990s), my husband and I were looking for a house. The economy was bad, realtors were scared, and we thought we would get a bargain.

Our realtor was super helpful - only showed us appropriate homes and seemed VERY busy based on the economic conditions. I asked her - why are you so busy??

Her answer:

Someone is selling homes during this downturn - It might as well be me!

Believe in yourself

Gift of Life Marrow Registry has a very robust college student ambassador program. Through that program, I met an amazing young man named Eddie. He was one of the most “alive” people I had ever met. He graduated college with a BFA in Theatre in the days right before COVID and chose to spend those crazy days working for GOL. He was great. He did his job with flair. Then, one day, he said it is time to take the leap and move to New York City to pursue his dream. He did, and because he believed in his talent - and despite a worldwide pandemic - Eddie has had roles in 2 off-Broadway shows and is doing standup in New York.

Don’t let other people rain on your belief in YOU.

In case you want to watch one of his performances– Eddie Datz Standup Comedy Broadway Comedy Club

You don’t have to change—Just adapt.

With age comes wisdom. This is more an AHA! then a lesson learned. In the beginning days of Covid-19, I moved my workstation from my office to my kitchen table. I did this, like everyone else, with no particular advanced notice.

What do you do when the world shuts down?

How do you present a mission that is NOT pandemic-related or even adjacent?

Fear turned into action, and during a very long meeting (with myself), I realized that everyone else was having the same problem, and rather than think about one mission, we should work together with our partners.

So, I reached out to many of our partners in hopes of addressing both of our needs. My first was a national youth organization whose members were teens stuck in their homes. Within four days of lockdown, we had created a webinar where we asked all the kids who were age appropriate to embrace the mission. This was just a start - We ended up producing 7 Town Halls to address healthcare inequities. It was 100% funded by Corporate partners. It was also probably the most important work I will ever do.

We adapted to the new situation and created new advocates, and raised funds we never even imagined!

Change your math

You might remember the housing bubble bursting in 2007. It was horrible for so many. I was working in radio during this time, and not only were we dealing with unpaid bills and clients going out of business—we were dealing with expert salespeople making less money and feeling like they lost their magic.

One of these amazing folks came into my office one day to share her concerns. There were tears. I suggested a change in her math.

All salespeople (and I hope most fundraisers) are familiar with the math they need to master to be successful…Hers had to change to adapt to the times. More calls would be needed to hit her numbers.

This plan gave her a mission – she raised her number of calls, and her sales went up as a result.

These are crazy times for sure- Team Kat & Mouse is here to help you maneuver through these times.

*****Looking for some tips on how to hire the Brave-those who have fear but rise above—check out our Team Kat & Mouse Blog from October 2021

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