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Snow, Farming and Creative- Meet Joel

Updated: Apr 20

We have been getting a lot of crazy weather in my neck of the woods recently. 

Snow, Farming and Creative-  Meet Joel

I live in Maine where it’s not uncommon to have snowy, cold winters. What is uncommon is rain, or high winds, which is exactly what we’re getting right now. As I’m writing this It’s raining outside, after having snowed 6 inches overnight. That means slush and wet, heavy snow. 


I live in a very rural area on a small 8-acre farm. My driveway is easily 750 feet long. I have a tractor with a plow, a snowblower, and a couple of shovels to accomplish this task. 


Last time I was clearing snow (earlier this week) I was thinking about the tools I have at my disposal for accomplishing this task. The plow is obviously the most effective, but it can’t be the only thing. I can’t use a plow to clear paths to get to the barn or the chicken coop, for that I use the snowblower. The snowblower is great but it doesn’t do a great job getting right up to doors, clearing narrow areas or for removing snow off the back deck. For that I need a shovel. 


Technically the shovel has none of the limitations that the plow and the snowblower have, but the one limitation it does have, is that it’s slow, and backbreaking. 


Could I clear my whole driveway with a shovel? Technically yes, but I would be out there all day, and probably die in the process. 


So what does this have to do with anything you ask? 


I think a lot about the tools of my trade and how I can make sure I am using them to help me be as efficient as possible for my clients (and my family). Having the right tools and using them at the right time helps me do my best work. 


A plow for big areas, a snowblower for paths, and a shovel for detail work. 


Recently, I was excited to be invited to join the Team  Kat & Mouse Collective for the very fact that it is just that, a collective. I’m not good at everything, but I’m great at some things. When I join with others who are great at what they do, our clients get the best possible results. No jack of a all trades, just a bunch of masters at what they do best. 

What I bring to the collective is:

  • Annual/Impact Reports

  • Capital Campaign materials

  • Major Donor proposals

  • Brochures

  • Comprehensive Branding (including Logos, Brand Standards, and more)

  • Print advertising

  • Web design

  • AND MORE!!!!

So if you need a plow, a snowblower, a shovel, we’ve got it all. And we’re so excited to utilize the tools we have available to help your organization grow and continue to serve your communities. 


And if you need me, I’ll be here, clearing snow. 

Reach out to Team Kat & Mouse


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