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Hire Attitude And Train Skills

At Team Kat & Mouse -

We believe in hiring attitude and training skills.

Why attitude? 


Attitude is the window to the future. Businesses evolve, requiring tools and skills to change and grow; however, the right mindset can make this journey smooth. A baseline of skills is essential to success, and a candidate should possess the minimum skills needed to do the job. However, focusing exclusively on the skills or specific related experience limits the ability of an organization to find the ideal candidate.  


Apart from job fit, consider team match, industry exposure, the organization’s culture and vision match, community awareness, the long-term potential of the candidate, and other traits like passion and overall value that the candidate will add to the organization. Additionally, organizations should evaluate candidates’ attitude as it profoundly impacts employee performance. 


How is attitude different from skill?  


Skill is the ability to do work or task, whereas attitude is its enabler. Attitude is the foundation enabling a person to develop and perform the skill. Skills tell what a person can do, but attitude determines what a person can and will do with those skills. Skills can be acquired, but attitude is inherent. Most importantly, attitude is needed to develop any skill.


Desired attitudes may include independence, coachability, friendliness, drive to succeed, attention to detail, and/or fearlessness. 

How Can Team Kat & Mouse help?


Through years of hiring experience, our collective has learned to ask the right questions to hire the right person for your position. 

  • We look to the Leadership, Board, and your teams to help us define the position and all its responsibilities to create a job description.


Additionally, we look for you to share the soft issues you are looking for to form a job listing that targets the person you are looking for.

  1. Development Director Hiring:

  2. Our Team will create a job description for Board approval that speaks to your goals and addresses the type of person needed to succeed in this role.

  3. Your Organizations success will be based on finding the right person who has the energy, bravery, and perseverance to succeed in this new collaborative position. 

  4. Our process will help limit the risk of turnover; hiring the right person and giving them in-depth instruction and coaching will provide them with the confidence needed to stay in the position for the long term.

  5. One of our mantras at Team Kat & Mouse is “hire attitude and train skills;” we will screen for attitude as well as knowledge of fundraising best practices. Recognizing that community awareness will allow the ED to gain credibility and visibility quickly - we will prioritize local candidates


Team Kat & Mouse will:

  1. Lead a Discovery meeting with Leadership to fully understand whom you are looking for

  2. Help craft the job description

  3. Suggest placement

  4. Review Candidates

  5. Suggests finalists for your review


Once your Development Director is hired,


We will set a three-month training curriculum focused on establishing a path for long-term success, expanding their skills to meet your organization’s needs, and meeting education needs related to the individual, corporate, or foundation donor cycles.

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