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Nonprofit Training Programs - Fundraising Training For Nonprofits

Nonprofit Training

Ongoing coaching for your fundraising team plus the Tactic and Tools to grow.

Your Team, Your custom designed nonprofit training 

Every organization has room to grow. Our non profit training courses will help you identify growth areas and work with you to move the needle. Then support the training with the Tactics and Tools needed to grow your organization's fundraising.

Nonprofit Organization Training

  • Fundraising training 101

  • What makes a great team?

  • Telling YOUR organization's story

    • What (and how much?) do you need to share?

    • Creating subject matter experts through nonprofit coaching 

  • What’s the goal?

    • Phone call 

    • In-person meeting

    • Proposal

    • Getting the first gift

    • Renewing last year’s donors

    • Celebrating individual success with team motivation (and happy dance)


Building relationships that turn into donations

  • Building advocates, with board development training for nonprofits, not just a Board of Directors

  • Successful collaborations

  • Sales training for fundraisers, for your Fund Development team

    • What is the “VBR”?

    • Long term vs. short term goals + obsession goals

    • Learn sales math with sales training for nonprofits

    • Discovery - asking the right questions to define offering (VBR)

    • Individual

    • Corporate

  • What makes for a strong CSR offering

  • How do we best engage and other strong probing questions?

  • Peer-to-peer fundraising training for nonprofits

  • Tapping into the young professional community

  • Monthly giving 

  • The myth of “closing”

  • Building an offering

  • Creating dynamic proposals

  • Follow-up and customer service

  • Presentation skills (don’t just turn the pages)

  • Why are time-sensitive offerings valuable

  • Mission match vs. creating movement in the mission

  • Leaving messages that get returned

  • When a deal is dead - some will, some won’t…so what’s next

    • Negotiating against yourself

    • Yes, no, or lesson learned

  • Planned Giving and Endowments

    • How to build a successful program

    • Who are your best prospects?

    • Short-term wins vs. long-term gains

  • Events

    • What is the goal?

    • Net vs. gross

    • Defining what success is 

    • Attendees - how to turn them into ongoing supporters?

  • Grants

    • Finding them

    • Preparing applications

    • On-going measurement

    • Winning the grant-now what?

  • How to Coach rather than Manage

    • Strategy vs. tactics

    • Share the goals

    • Getting useful input from your team


Are you looking for the right addition to your fundraising team?


Why use a recruitment company AND a nonprofit training consultant?


Team Kat & Mouse can help with both!


a.    Develop candidate profile

b.    Draft job description

c.    Review compensation strategy

d.    Job posting and identification of candidates

e.    Initial resume review

f.     Initial screenings

g.    Present final candidates for your review


Then, Team Kat & Mouse will work with your new hire from onboarding and through their initial three months to create a successful addition or leader for your team.



  • What is Nonprofit Training and Why is it Important?

Having your team be ready to be successful is key. Would you go on a roadtrip to a new place without your GPS?

  • How Long Does Typical Nonprofit Training Last?

A single training usually last 1-hour. Continual training and coaching can last as long as needed.

  • How Can Organizations Benefit from Nonprofit Training Programs?

 Who doesn’t want the best trained staff in town!

  • What are the Costs Associated with Nonprofit Training?

Each engagement is custom designed to meet your needs and budget.

  • Who are the Best Providers of Nonprofit Training?

Depending our your needs, Team Kat and Mouse could be just what you need!

  • LinkedIn for Non Profit Training
  • Facebook for Nonprofit Fundraising Training
  • YouTube for Fundraising Coaching For Nonprofits
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