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Dynamic Non Profits Podcast With Dan

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Dynamic Non Profits Podcast

Here the Dynamic Non Profits Podcast With Dan

Good fundraisers are difficult to find and they are even harder to keep, Sharon Kitroser and Amy Mauser are out to change that with their consultancy Team Kat and Mouse. Their innovative approach focuses on training fundraisers across channels with an emphasis on communication, shared goals, and storytelling. In this informative and lively chat with Dan, Sharon and Amy explain how better training will help improve the talent retention dilemma which plagues most of the industry. Topics also include: the importance of a diversified approach to fundraising training, why an unsiloed communication structure builds stronger teams, and how to implement a culture which encourages a collaborative approach to fundraising. Sharon and Amy also talk about their unique backgrounds and how they came to find a passion for helping non-profits. This interview contains lots of value for any nonprofit professional who is interested in attracting and retaining talented fundraisers.

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Podcast with Sharon

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