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What do a sales executive, a financial analyst, and a store manager all have in common?

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Financial Analyst

I want to work somewhere I can make a difference and have a positive impact.

I’ve heard this line a million times.

As a résumé writer and career coach, my job is to help people get where they want to go.

Often times, when I ask people WHY they’re looking to make a change, this is the answer I get.

So what makes a nonprofit different from all other businesses?

A nonprofit organization is one that is focused on a collective, public, or social benefit. Basically, their goal is to drive a mission forward versus make a profit. Now, that’s not to say that all other companies who make a profit are evil. It just means that the primary goal here is not money, but to champion a purpose.

But, Stacy, I don’t have any experience in nonprofits. How I can apply for a position??

I tell my clients to focus on 2 things when making a career shift.

1. Transferrable skills and experience

2. The WHY behind the change

Consider this:

Instead of sharing the value proposition behind a product to make a sale Share the mission and impact behind an organization to get donations.

Now, you’re a fundraiser.

You can also handle the financials, marketing, recruiting, event planning, and/or operations.

Nonprofit organizations need all these people too.

In the last year, I have helped several people pivot to nonprofits, including:

· A mid-career sales executive

· An entry-level financial analyst

· A seasoned store manager

First thing’s first… you need to decide what type of job function you want.

Do some research. Talk to people. Figure out the exact job title to focus on.

Then, build a targeted résumé that highlights your transferrable skills, shares relevant accomplishments, and proactively explains the reason behind the desire to make this change.

Nonprofits are a great place to use your skills and experience in a new way.

You got this.

For more information call:

Stacy Valancy, MBA Next Level Career Coach Certified Professional Resume Writer™ | (305) 760-9000

A note:

Team Kat & Mouse (Sharon) first started reading Stacy’s posts on linked in and fell in love with her advice and no nonsense (and funny) way of sharing information.

Sharon knew they had to be friends.

We look forward to sharing additional tips from Stacy and Next Level Coaching in the future! Read about: Shakespeare, Billy Wilder, Nora Ephron, and Stephen King- What do they have in common?

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