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Creative Services for Nonprofits

Creative Services for Nonprofits


Building trust with your donors is essential. One thing you can do today to help your donors feel confident that your organization is legitimate and doing good work is to put your best foot forward with professionally designed marketing materials. 


That’s where Team Kat & Mouse comes in!


Our team of writers, designers and professional fundraisers can help you create beautiful marketing pieces that will increase your donor response. Our team specializes in nonprofit best practices. That means we’re most concerned about how your pieces will help bring in more donors and donations. We know that your budget dollars need to be spent wisely, so our goal is to cut out the fluff and get exactly what will accomplish your goals. 


What We Do:


Some of the projects that we help nonprofit organizations create are as follows:


Annual Reports:

An annual report is a great way to show your donors what their donations have done over the past year. These reports include stories of impact, program descriptions, and budget overviews to name a few. What your report looks like is as unique as your organization. There are no legal requirements for an annual report so we will help you customize your annual report to your specific needs. These beautiful pieces are a great tool to send out to donors as a thank you, as well as to use as a takeaway when meeting with prospective donors.



Whether you need a brochure directed at clients or donors we will help you create clear, concise pieces that are easy to digest and simple to understand. Brochures are a great tool for events to have as a takeaway at a table, or to give to donors when meeting face to face.


Major Donor Proposals:

When making a proposal to a major donor your goal is to show them that you value their time. The best way to do this is to create personalized proposals that outlines the project you would like them to fund and what the impact of that gift would be to the people you serve. These are often one time use but it is also possible to create an outline that can be personalized for specific donors as needed. 


Case Statements:

A case statement is a great way to show the need that your organization is addressing and how your donors can be part of the solution to that problem. These pieces are often “evergreen” which means they can be used for a couple years with minor updates as needed. This is a great tool to use when meeting with prospective donors, or to send along with grant proposals. 


Direct Mail:

Direct mail is still one of the most effective ways for a nonprofit organization to raise money. We use best practices and tested strategies to send mail to your donors that will drive response and increase revenue. 


Websites/Social Media/Digital Advertising:

Your first impression with many donors will be your website and social media pages. Make sure your digital footprint gives your donors the same level of trust that your print materials do. Like your other materials the main goal is to help your donors feel comfortable giving to your organization and feel proud of the work they are helping you accomplish. We can help you achieve that using best practices and compelling design that will tell your story to the world. 


These are just some of the services we provide. Some that weren’t mentioned above are: capital campaign materials, print advertising, signage, and promotional items. If you can dream it, we can help you create it, just give us a call and we would be happy to help make your project become a reality. ​


Ready to take your Marketing and fundraising materials to the next level?

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Marketing is about the stories you tell.”
- Seth Godin.

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