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Finding the Blueberries = Growing your Fundraising

Updated: Apr 19

Growing your Fundraising

Finding the Blueberries—What??

Yes, we do work with an amazing Food Bank--However, this is not about that.

I put blueberries in my smoothie almost every morning—Also, not about that.

Then there are blueberry muffins, blueberry pancakes, and don’t forget the delicious Salmon with blueberry sauce

Not one of these applies- But If I have made you hungry-click the links!

This is a blog that was inspired by a video that I initially saw on Tik Tok.

Then I followed the creator on LinkedIn, and this was only one of a series of GREAT videos.

So big thank you to Brian Fretwell of Finding Good.

So, If you have not seen this video, please take a look.

We have all sat through group meetings and one -on- one’s where a “BOSS” will ask you to go over your pipeline…what donations came in–what donors are moving forward on their donor journey-who is buying, what sponsorship, and how many people have you called.

What obstacles have you run into and the ever popular—you should have done it “THIS WAY” (aka you did it WRONG)

These types of meetings take on a new meaning when they are done with a group- Let’s add a good dose of humiliation, embarrassment, and shame.

You often hear me (and Amy & Ben) talk about the power of questions and how good questions lead to powerful answers (most of the time).

We also give out NEON GREEN books to our client partners. This is so that when they leave an appointment, they can write down what they asked or said that worked.

Well…we have made it…how do Blueberries = Growing your fundraising?

In Brian’s video, he references an inspiring leader who started every meeting by asking, “How you found the Blueberries”

In our case, the blueberries are donations-The funds needed to “feed” our mission.

And, although many fundraisers have different styles than you- How amazing would it be if you understood:

  • How they found the field- Where did you find/meet this donor

  • What techniques did they use to plant the crop- What were the steps you took to get them to be excited about our mission.

  • How did you know the blueberries were ripe enough to pick- what questions did you ask them to discover what they were most interested in supporting?

  • How did you harvest the blueberries- How did you secure the donation- what did you ask-say?

Leaders: How can you bring blueberries to your next meeting?

Interested in more blueberry recipes—check the Internet.

What to know how to bring the most out of your Fundraising team- Reach out to Team Kat and Mouse today.

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