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I am SO Busy

Updated: Apr 19

I am Busy

All you have is your time... never forget it...always protect it.

I am busy.

You are busy.

We are all busy.

Thanks to emails, texts, zoom calls, and being back in the office, we are all busier than ever.

Life is like a treadmill that keeps moving.

Let’s start this blog with those realities and a story.

A friend of mine’s mother fell and broke her collarbone.

She was in the local hospital recovering. My circle of friends supported our buddy (we had all met when our kids were studying for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs) with calls and texts checking in with her and her mom.

Unfortunately, no one told the Rabbi (our Rabbi had kids the same age-so we all had a friend/clergy relationship with him)

He grilled me ( you can imagine how I enjoyed that )

He scolded some others in our group ( you can imagine how we enjoyed that )

It seemed we all thought he would not have “TIME” to support this family during a NON-life threatening situation.

And then he said to us all…

My Plate may be full-But, I always have time for important things.

So how, with a full plate, do YOU make time for the important things?

Learn to say NO- or at least not right now.

Saying no allows us to choose where we put our time and energy.

With that said, Please don’t just say NO-Remember, the person asking you for something may have a full plate too.

Be kind, suggest others who might be able to help, or let them know when you will have time to be helpful.

Learn to prioritize-

Everything is not an emergency, and remember, if you are juggling many tasks, they can not all be viewed as flaming swords.

  • Remember-understanding the task and its timetable is the easiest way to


  • Your manager is there to help you prioritize

  • Make a list and enjoy the thrill of marking tasks completed (Amy’s favorite Tip!)

Learning to work as a team-

No single player wins the game-make sure you engage those who can support you and help you with the things that keep your plate full.

Some tasks can be done in advance and save you time:

  • Intro notes

  • Sponsorship and program proposals

  • Event re-caps

Remember, you can customize and personalize each time you use them-BUT, you do not have to start from scratch!

A few last thoughts-

Once outside of a doorway, a friend of mine heard a bunch of her teammates discussing how busy they were for 15 minutes- She named this the Busy Party.

Don’t get caught up in the busy party- those 15 minutes of complaining can surely be used in a better way.

What people may hear when you consistently say you are busy.

-I am certainly at the bottom of their list

-Other tasks/people are more important than me

-This person does not know how to prioritize

Be Careful about how you share your BUSY status

Is your to-do’s making you feel “too done”??

Give us a call Team Kat and Mouse- Training, Tactics, and Tools to add expertise to your fundraising team!!

Plus, reach out to me, and I will share a copy of our year-end task and timeline spreadsheet!

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