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If it’s meant to be - it’s up to me

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

If it’s meant to be - it’s up to me

A few years back I had an amazing woman named Trina that worked with me. She was 30-something, was a single mom, and had a daughter with a chronic illness. She was kind to all and worked harder, smarter, and more creatively than anyone else on my team. She NEVER asked that anything be “GIVEN” to her as she found great joy in going out and getting it herself.

Oh yes, one more thing…On her desk was a plaque that said.

If it’s meant to be - It’s up to me.

Oh yes, she got it. And she shared her belief with all who would listen.

Managing someone who believes that their success is in their hands is a joy I can not truly explain…but I will try.

  1. She thought about how to increase her success every day by asking herself—what can I do better and different today (excellent question)

  2. She would come to her one-on-one meetings ready to discuss her new ideas and solutions to challenges.

  3. She celebrated other people’s successes and stayed out of internal drama

  4. She came from abundance - there is always more and enough for all.

  5. She was ALWAYS looking for new contacts.

How do you hire your very own Trina?

As mentioned, Trina would ask herself the same question every morning - Ask yourself this question about how you recruit for your team.


  1. Do you ask, or do you tell? I have been in interviews where the hiring manager has rattled on and on about the job and never asked why the candidate would excel at meeting the job description terms.

  2. Do you ask questions that uncover a candidate’s

    1. Coachability

    2. Dedication

    3. Ability to “own” a project.”

    4. Work ethics

  3. AND MORE (ask yourself what characteristics are essential to success in your organization)

  • Hire Attitude

  • Hire Dedication

  • Hire Ownership

  • Hire Perseverance

  • Hire Respectfulness

  • Hire Ambition

  • Hire JOY

Don’t fill the position just because you need someone asap for an initiative, event, or other reasons.

That will be a short-term fix.

Hire the right person who can learn and grow under your management style.

** That is NOT the same as hiring someone just like you-just compatible.

Then once you hire them, train the skills in which they need proficiency.

Keep raising the bar on what you teach them, so they grow and feel fulfilled.

And, if you need help with training- don’t fret- Team Kat & Mouse can help!

Take the Trina spirit and expand on it…Make signs, applaud success and grow your team with people who believe in the mission and value their part in its success.

Team Kat & Mouse can definitely help you. Drop us a line today.

Side note- Although Trina is not her real name. Her daughter’s condition is more than real.

About Sickle Cell-

Sickle Cell is a red blood cell disorder. It is inherited. That means that it’s passed down the same way people get the color of their eyes, skin, and hair from their parents. For a child to inherit sickle cell, both parents must carry the gene. Healthy red blood cells are smooth, round, and bendable, easily flowing through blood vessels and carrying oxygen to every body part.

  • Red blood cells can change shape and form a sickle or crescent in sickle cell disease. The cells become stiff and sticky, causing them to block blood flow and break down inside the blood vessels.

  • About 100,000 people in the United States have sickle cell.

Here’s how it breaks down:

  • People of African descent make up 90% of the population with Sickle Cell in the United States

  • Sickle Cell also affects people of Hispanic, South Asian, Southern European, and Middle Eastern ancestry

You can help by visiting

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