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Listen to Team Kat & Mouse on the podcast with Ingrid Thompson---All the way from Australia!!!

Updated: Apr 23

From Ingrid, an expert in how to start a business and find success!

Hi, I'm Ingrid Thompson and I know that when you truly understand how money works in your business, your life will change completely and forever!

A bit about the podcast from Ingrid

My guest today is Sharon Kitroser who is the Kat in Team Kat & Mouse. With her business partner Amy Mauser they are fundraising consultants.

This is a conversation for every business owner because it covers their business startup story as well as solid steps to take to improve your sales techniques.

The work Sharon and Amy believe that:

Tangible fundraising results are created by 3 things:

  • hiring great people

  • training them how to do their job, and

  • coaching them continually.

Team Kat & Mouse are nonprofit fundraising consultants, are committed to all three and as a result are changing the way organizations approach fundraising.

Podcast Ingrid Thompson

Sharon’s message for you:

Never take “no” personally. You are NOT the “no.” Don’t take it personally”

Pay attention to the data – for Sharon it is the closing rate. When you know the closing rate you know how many calls you need to make.

People need to know you and your business exist.

People need to know what you do. It’s not enough to be the best at what you do – people need to know you are the best!

She says “You could make the very best cookies, and if no-one knows … you’ll be eating a lot of left over cookies.”

Some sound advice: “Hire people who are smarter than you are and better than you … and you’ll get to go home on time”

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