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The Best Thank You note EVER

Updated: Apr 20

I am the luckiest girl in the world when it comes to friends. I have wonderful friends from many different times and places in my life: from my college days to my radio days, to my non-profit days, and friends I met while my kids were growing up. I love them all.

I have two friends from growing up in the boroughs of New York: Linda and Rob. I love and value them both for our shared history and the adults they have become today.

This is a story about Rob, a wedding, and the BEST thank-you note I have ever received.

My old friend Rob lost his wife in the early days of COVID.

Devastated does not do it justice. Being one of the most wonderful people I know, his heart was open to loving again, and he and the amazing Patty got married last weekend (more to come on that).

The Best Thank You note EVER

My husband and I spent much time discussing what to get them as a wedding present. After all, these were two grown-ups with well-established households. The blender was out, as was a check often given to young newlyweds to build their lives. Since they had spent much time traveling together, this lit a spark, and we landed on cool his and hers luggage.

I ordered it just before Christmas, hoping they would get it in January. Well, Macy’s took it into their own hands and sent it within days.

I received a notice that it had arrived and quickly sent a text to Rob.

Here are some highlights from the response:

“OMG, are those from you? The luggage is beautiful. I have never had anything near this nice. And we will be able to spot them in a sea of black suitcases and baggage claim.

“Patti wants to go to Paris!”

And my favorite:

“In all the wedding planning, I didn’t really contemplate there would be gifts. Never mind something so useful, beautiful, and needed as a set of luggage. I keep looking at them, and it fills me with joy. Thank you so much from both of us.

I’m not crying - You’re crying.

Why is this note so amazing - and how can you turn this into better thank-you notes to your donors?

  • It is from the heart. Be genuine with your donors.

  • It talks about how the gift will be used. Doesn’t each of your donors want to know that their gift is going to be used to make a difference?

  • It makes you believe the gift is the best, most important gift EVER. Everyone wants to think their gift is important.

  • It used language that made me smile/cry. He knows the language I use, like JOY, and uses it to give me joy.

It came via text. Now, I am not suggesting you text your donors, but you should always consider how THEY would like to receive a message - via mail, email, or phone - and how they would appreciate it the most.

As promised, here are details about the wedding:

The bride was magnificent.

The groom smiled like I, a friend of 50+ years, had never seen.

The love in the room was magical, not just for the bride and groom but for all who were there.

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