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Questions to ask (yourself and your candidate) to Stop Turnover

Updated: Apr 20

Ben and I have looked at Jobs in the last couple of weeks. For some, there were notes on when and how to change jobs. For others, there was information about how and when to hire a Development Director.

Now, it’s time for both groups to think about the following questions.

Asking good questions from yourself and from those you will work for and who will work for you can be the difference between a bad blind date and a log standing marriage!

For job seekers:

What am I very best at?

How can organizations best utilize my skills.

What would I like to learn more about?

How will the organization help with my professional growth?

What makes me want to go to work every day?

How does the organization’s mission and culture work for me?

What kind of a manger is the best for me?

And, how do I need a manger to support me in this role?

Will I fit in?

I am high energy - will that be founded upon?

I am a question asker - will that be appreciated?

I am a bit shy at first - will the team think I am unfriendly.

And so on!

Now it’s your turn - what questions do you need clarity on within yourself to feel successful and at home in this position?

Now, If you are looking to add to your team…You might want to think about (or actually ask the candidtate)

What is this candidate very best at-and is this expertise what I need on my team?

How do they see themselves growing - Can I help them to get where they want to be?

What kind of Manager do they work best with? Are you that type of Manager?

What is most important to you…communications, kindness, self-motivation, getting information to you when expected, collaboration...or something else? Now, for the other side - what is most important to them from a leader?

If you are hiring for a leadership role, ask them who their best manger, boss and leader was, and why?

What have they learned from their worst manger - and how will they take from both to be a great manger? Watch out if they get personal; that’s a red flag!

Have they taken any management or leadership corses? Would they be interested in that?

What do you feel are the best characteristics of a great manger? Now, ask them - do you align?

I think you have the point: there is too much turnover in the world of Fundraising…PERIOD–END OF SENTENCE.

But, how do we stop the insanity?

Ask, Ask, Ask…Then listen to the answers.

DON’T sell yourself or a candidate on a job just because you need a person in that seat.

Team Kat & Mouse can help–we can even help with interviews and the questions you should ask for yourself or a particular candidate.

As Smokey the Bear said—Only YOU can prevent forest fires (turnover!)

Questions to Ask

Reach out today!

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