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Is it time to change Jobs?

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Change Jobs

Your alarm goes off---no, not the one on your iPhone—the one in your head.

That nagging bing, bin or ring ring, that tells you it might be time to set sail on your next adventure.

First of all, WHY is it ringing? And, should you make the leap (or at least launch yourself into the uncertainty of a search)? Here are some questions to ask yourself.

  1. Are you unchallenged or bored? Although you may be feeling like you would like a new challenge, have you investigated if there is a new challenge to take on where you are? Can you expand your scope or your areas of work? Let your manager know that you are open (and really excited) to learn and grow.

  2. Are you tired, burned out or in need of a break? Talk to you manager, take PTO and then make a decision if the situation can be fixed. Job hunting when you are exhausted from your current circumstances can be like grocery shopping on an empty stomach; you may make decisions that you regret later.

  3. Have you discovered that the job or organization culture is a bad fit? In this case you like the day to day work but the environment is not for you. If you think that there won’t be a change, start looking—there are some things you simply can’t fix.

  4. Are you in a toxic workplace? Have you found that Sunday night is the worst night of the week and you dread the office for reasons that are out of your control? Start looking NOW!

I would be remiss if I did not include the advice my parents gave me - try not to leave before you have another job!

Stay up to date:

Is your resume updated and up to today’s standards for style and substance?

We have shared posts from our friend Stacy Valancy, she can help.

Are you using your LinkedIn profile to promote your expertise and availability? Is your photo appropriate for the position you are looking for?

Make sure your page is optimized so that you are easily found using key words that describe your dream role and past experience.

Use LinkedIn to connect with people at the organizations you’ve identified as prospects. This will help them get familiar with you, your talents, and most especially your name!

Think about what is important to you in a position. In other words, be clear so you don’t go from the frying pan into another frying pan.

  1. Is there a mission that you are particularly passionate about?

  2. Are you looking for work life balance?

  3. Remote work, hybrid, or In-office?

  4. Flexible schedule?

  5. Do you prefer a large, medium or small non-profit?

  6. Do you like a very involved manager—or not so much?

  7. Do you want to move up within the organization?

  8. Management/Leadership role either now or in the future?

  9. What makes a job simply unacceptable to you?

  10. How much do you need/want to earn?

Then where do you look?

Here are some of places:

Here is a very comprehensive list put together by Foundation List:

  • Don’t forget staffing firms and Headhunters

  • And of course tell your network of TRUSTED nonprofit friends that you are open to opportunities

  • Don’t be afraid to reach out to the organization you have always dreamed of working for and sharing your interest.

Things to think about before you go on an interview

  • All the questions listed above - You have to be clear in your own head on what is best for you and simply a nonnegotiable in a job.

  • What you are very best at

  • Your potential for continued growth

  • The soft skills you possess that add to any team: networking, emotional intelligence, enthusiasm, professionalism, communication skills, teamwork, problem solving, critical thinking, decision making and more!

And remember, work where they appreciate you for who you are; where you are celebrated, appreciated and feel at home.

Need some support and guidance on finding the right Job - OR the right person for your job opening - Give us a call. Team Kat & Mouse-Training, Tactics and Tools

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