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Running Your Fundraising Race

I am not a runner. 

I have never been a runner. 

But to know me one of my favorite sayings is when running the fundraising race- don’t look at the runners behind you…just keep running the best race YOU can.


If you don’t look where you are going- you may fall. 

While this might sound like some advice from my grandmother, it is not.

The fact is if you are so  busy wondering what everyone else is doing you cannot focus on doing what is right for you and your organization.

Do what is right for YOUR Donor and organization.

While there are many ways to discover capacity of potential donors including seeing how they have supported other organizations may be helpful however may also be completely useless. 

Donors will often give based on a connection.

So if a donor’s life was saved by a particular hospital’s cancer program they may be more inclined to donate to that hospital, regardless of their previous giving history to other organizations.

Understanding the unique motivations and connections of each donor is essential in cultivating meaningful relationships and securing support for your cause.

Furthermore, focusing too much on what other organizations are doing can lead to a sense of competition rather than collaboration. 

Instead of constantly comparing yourself to others, concentrate on what sets your organization apart and the impact you can make in your community or cause. Your donors are investing in your vision and mission, not in a race to outdo other nonprofits.

So, while it's important to be aware of your surroundings and the broader philanthropic landscape, remember to stay true to your own path. 

Keep your eyes forward, focused on the mission at hand, and run your race with purpose and conviction. 

Because in the end, it's not about beating others—

it's about making a difference in the lives of those you serve. 

So lace up your shoes, take a deep breath, and run your race with all your heart. The finish line is waiting, and with every step, you're one stride closer to achieving your goals and changing the world for the better.

Want to learn how to win in your Fundraising race- Reach out to Team Kat and Mouse today.

Mitch and I getting our participation medals :)

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