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Dear Clients,

Updated: Apr 22

Dear client who sent me the email that told me working with Team Kat & Mouse led them to raise their sponsorships by 36%,

THANK YOU for letting us know that all the passion we put into training makes a difference in your results.

If you've ever worked with me, you know that although I like icing, it's really the cake (results) that floats my boat.

So, while concise, professional, and often graphically pleasing proposals with good connections to the potential donors' goals (along with your organization's needs) sent to the correct contacts are helpful to the effort, hearing that these turned into real dollars to move your mission forward… wow, you made me smile and maybe tear up a bit.

Thank you for being great students; I am so proud of you!

Dear Clients

Dear recipients of the grants Ben helped you write and submit that turned into a BIG $$ grant,

I have known Ben for almost 4 years.

He is a kind and humble guy… that is until one of our Team Kat & Mouse clients receives a transformative grant they have never gotten before.

This Midwest guy turns into one of those Savannah Banana guys, smiling from ear to ear. He shares the joy of your win like no one else. 

He knows preparation, follow-up, and year-round contact are key for your success, and he will make sure, like the Bananas, you will have fun while trying to secure a home run!

Dear client partners who trusted me each time I said—I have an IDEA!

Maybe it comes from all those years working with the Mouse (Disney), or maybe it is the simple belief that together we are better. But, I believe ideas make the idea of a donation more tangible, and an idea for a partnership makes the world better. 

So thanks to all who humor me and who have celebrated with me when the ideas turned into money to support their missions!

Dear Blog readers who read every new blog,

Sometimes funny, sometimes profound, sometimes a chance for Ben, Amy, and me to brag on our simply wonderful offspring… I hope these musings have helped you discover how to do your job in a more peaceful and successful way, how to celebrate wins and move on from losses, how to take a NO gracefully, and how to compliment genuinely.

So, Thank you to all of you for being part of the Team Kat & Mouse Family.

And, please share all the success stories; we simply love to hear them!

Looking to create your own success with the help of Team Kat & Mouse.

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