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The Myths and Magic of Giving Days.

Updated: Jul 12

Magic of Giving Days

Have you participated in Giving Tuesday, The Amazing Give, Give Miami, or another Giving Day?

Based on a recent survey of 25 people on Team Kat & Mouse Training this week...The answer was: we have, and it did not meet our expectations.

I have only done successful giving days…What??

Although you might find that to be a very confident statement, it is true.

Let me tell you why.

I, along with our team and the nonprofits we work with, make a plan. The plan will include the following:

  • Specific and measurable goals (this can be money, volunteers, new social media followers, or a combination)

  • We share those goals with ALL stakeholders and ask them to embrace the goal and be part of its success.

  • We make a plan that includes sharing the tasks needed to be successful…In other words, don’t feel overwhelmed. Design your plan with who and how to delegate.

    • Break the task down into manageable pieces. It is much easier to get compliance from your stakeholders if you ask each of them to reach out to 10 people each rather than asking 2 to make 50 calls each. Then ask them to let you know how it goes.

Use the fantastic communications tools you have available to you for little or no cost:

  • Canva - Helps you design impactful social media posts

  • Meta and Hootsuite - help you to schedule your social media in advance

  • Constant Contact and Mail Chimp, along with other email platforms, help you reach out to many people at once.

Plus, the organizers of most giving days offer graphics, copy for your blasts, and post on their website. You can make them your own with simple editing!

The power of the share!

Make sure you make it easy for your supporters, staff, and board to share messaging. This includes emails, social media, and any press you might get!

New Friends- As I discussed in one of my original blog posts for Team Kat & Mouse, Make New Friends and Grow the Old new donors are critical to the growth of your organization. This is a great time to invite those who are new to your mission to truly be a part of it. This is also a perfect way to add an extra donation from existing donors.

And, most importantly- MAKE IT EASY FOR FOLKS TO DONATE!

Buttons, links, linked photos, and more can all make it easy for someone to donate!


THANK YOU - You can never say it enough, and even small donations are worthy of a thank you (and be added to your Database for continued outreach and conversation)

Memorialize all your plans and assets—It makes next year easier.

There are so many more ways to improve your giving day results - we would love to set a time to talk! Team Kat & Mouse - Training, Tactics and Tools to help you achieve fundraising success.

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