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I wish that every day was Thanksgiving

Updated: Apr 22

Thanksgiving everyone

The smell of Pumpkin Pie in the oven. In my book, nothing beats that.

Your Family and Friends around the table. The BEST feeling in the world.

Being thankful, blessed, and loved. Isn’t that everything you need- Every single Day?

First and foremost, I am Thankful for my Family. My kids are now grown-ups and choose to hang out with their mom & dad. I have a family I could only dream about as a kid.

I am thankful for realizing a dream I had three years ago—the dream to start a different kind of consulting company.

I am Thankful for Amy, Ben, Joel, Jordan, Natalie, Linda, and all the others who are part of the Team Kat & Mouse Family.

We are Thankful for our client partners- They chose us, and we will never forget that.

How to Share Thankfulness-Your Team

I don’t care what anyone says. It is NOT hard to say Thank You.

Don’t be the boss who holds their Thank You’s as a prize. Be the boss/manager/director who finds specific and genuine ways to appreciate their team.

Remember, a Pizza Party is NOT the way to say Thank you to individuals. Lordy, it is barely a way to say Thank You to a Team.

Know what is important to each team member and say thank you in a way they will appreciate. (in other words- how does pizza make your team member with lactose intolerance feel----- UNIMPORTANT!

Be Thankful to your Team by noticing when they are getting tired or burned out.

Did you ever think of handing them a movie ticket and cash for popcorn and sending them for a couple of hours of unplugging— I have done it, and it was magical.

Understand that everyone has a bad day. Show your gratitude to your team by considering the employees’ (and volunteers’) point of view.

Remember, different individuals have different triggers, and just because it does not bother YOU–does not mean it does not hurt, bother, or offend them.

How to Share Thankfulness-Your Donors

Most of you have systems in place to say Thank You to your Donors. Some folks call, while others send handwritten cards.

Are you asking yourself how your donors will best receive it?

Some folks like public thank you’s (your newsletter, social media), and some people are private and don’t want any recognition.

Some want photos, and most want details of how their dollars are or will be utilized to create impact.

Be personal and Thank your Donors the way it is meaningful to them.

It is a crazy busy time of year as most nonprofits raise the most money during the month of December.

Make sure that you are conscious of your Thankfulness now only when the smell of Pumpkin takes hold.

For more information or a list of what we are thankful for-Reach out today

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